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Camel and Green

18 December, 2014 / , ,

Finals are over! O-V-E-R. Thank goodness. I think that I have a week's worth of bags under my eyes. I hope the multiple all-nighters were worth it. 

On a happier note, I'm home. Back to my Christmas decorated home that smells like pinecones and evergreens. It's so cliche and yet so relaxing. I am ready to drown myself in tv marathons.

I love this outfit. I loved the use of the black base and the pop of camel and green. The best part was that the purse could transition from a oversized clutch to an oversized tote. 

What are your plans for Christmas? The evergreen color of the tote is my ode to Christmas.


wearing: shoes - Enzo Angiolini; purse - Nordstrom; dress c/o Boohoo; scarf - Nordstrom; coat c/o Boohoo; beanie - Forever 21

How to NOT look like MJ in a red leather jacket

13 December, 2014 / , , ,

I thought my title was pretty funny... no? Well, I didn't like you anyways.
just kidding. 
But seriously, that is a real fear of mine -- The Fear of Looking Like Michael Jackson in a red leather jacket. I think it's rooted from the fact that the black leather jacket just recently became a closet staple. (Not to brag or anything, but I have been on the leather jacket train wayyyy longer than you -- totally bragging.) 

The next step is making leather jackets "trendy" in suburbia... 


Sidenote: I look like a sad puppy in the second to last photo

wearing: necklace - Nordstrom; boots - Steve Madden; hat - vintage; purse - Michael Kors; sweater - Forever 21; leather jacket - Forever 21; shorts - Forever 21

Kendall Jenner is Actually Cool

02 December, 2014 / ,

I'm into it. Maybe it's a little bit because I (like many of the other girls who grew up in the 21st century) loved/love Mean Girls. But, the idea was kind of perfect. It made Kendall look good, but also made her seem kind of cool -- I mean, if she likes Mean Girls then she must be cool, right?

Okay so maybe this wasn't Kendall Jenner's idea, but Dazed magazine did a great job of making the "Lets Look into the Life of Kendall Jenner" story line interesting or at least different. It was refreshing, and makes me want to create my own Burn Book Video...

 Keep being you KJ.